Here you can get an impression of what I am working on at the moment or have recently been working on.
Product Design projects alternate with Painting projects.

Design and Patterns | Genuine Leather Wallet for Moussi Products

For Moussi Products I am making the patterns and a realistic visualisation for a leather wallet. The design is made by themselves, but the detailing and instructions for manufactoring is my job. Leather is a beautiful material to work with and it would be great to do more similar projects in the future.

On the left a detail of the visualisation and the patterns.

Abstract Art | Experimenting

Since a year I try to enhance my painting skills and techniques by focussing on abstract paintings. The skills I learn from this I want to apply to my portraits and in this way enrich my portrait paintings. This month I am exploring colours and their abilities to make huge/subtle contrasts, focus points and getting more advanced in colour blending techniques.

On the right you can see me making colourful paintings with Ecoline and an experiment in telling a story by just using colours.

Design and 3D modeling | Sunglasses for STREEP

The start-up brand STREEP is launching a product line of 3D printed sunglasses. They hired me to make the designs as well as the modelling glasses for 3D computer files for the 3D printer. During the design phase we are making a lot of test prints to evaluate and iterate the designs: not only on appearance but also on the ergonomics.

On the left you can see some early stage sketches and a few test prints by the 3D printer.

Portraits | Always practicing

I love to paint people who tell a story; characteristic faces from all around the world. And I want to get better and better! Therefore I am always painting, drawing, sketching faces from photos, real life or imagined by myself.

On the right a recently finished portrait of a man from Nepal is shown. And I am currently finishing the other half of the boys face from my book by drawing with coloured pencils.

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